Guest Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in appearing on the Amazing Humans Being Show!

Please use this form to provide us the information needed to setup our conversation.

We will need a photograph of you to use with the Show and on the site. Please use the following email link to send your photo: Submit Photo. You may also send a high quality .jpg to:

Technical Details:

  • Format
    This is not an 'interview-style' of show. It is a conversation ... that a lot of other people get to listen in on! We are currently providing an audio show.
  • Length of Conversation
    This will vary dependent upon our conversational chemistry and how long it takes for you to share what you have to share. It is best to plan on one to two hours.
  • Audience and Language
    We have a primarily adult audience who are okay with adult themes and language. There is no need to censor yourself or your language. We are fine with adding an explicit label to episode if necessary.
  • Equipment and Software
    We record using Zoom software. If you already have Zoom on your phone or computer, we can utilize that. If not, you can easily setup a free account here ... but it is not necessary. We already have a professional subscription and all you really have to do is call into the number we will provide.
  • Atmosphere and Environment
    We do ask that, when we record, you find a place which it is relatively quiet and where you will not be interrupted.


We reserve the right to not record or publish any conversation that we find not beneficial for our audience - whether we, or you, initiated our potential or actual conversation.


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